Quality Control

Quality Control

Quality Control

Top Notch Merchandise delivers very high quality in everything we do – products and service.
Working with a trusted worldwide network of audited suppliers, we provide labelled merchandise that’s manufactured to high standards and checked at every stage of production by our own trained experts, to sure of our promise to quality is maintained.
From materials to work quality, production to panel testing; all parts of the merchandise we provide is subject to difficult/strict/high quality quality control procedures before it’s approved for dispatch.


Top Notch Merchandise owns four warehouses in total over 30,000 square feet, we also have an office in Kings Cross.

Creative Design Services

Top Notch Merchandise takes product ideas and makes them a reality; putting brands in the hands of their customers.
We are an expert at developing product solutions that are thoughtfully designed, clearly and the important qualities of your brand and engage your target market while optimising budgets at the same time.


Our graphic team cover everything from creating and readying brilliant artwork.


We create strong and healthy, beautiful web custom-designed to the needed things of each client. As well as being easy to use and great looking our websites go along with the highest safety standards.


At the heart of our fashion design is the constantly updated trend analysis that allow us to create great stories and beautiful designs.

Design Thinking

We make a serious and well-thought-out effort to not jump to end results. Only when we have decided the real need do we look for a solution, and even then, instead of solving that problem, we stop to think about a wide range of possible solutions.


Experts in creating product ideas and seeing them through to manufacture covering everything from quickly drawing, design engineering, 3D modelling and fast making an early model.

Account Management

We like to think that our Account Managers are as their clients; going beyond expectations and going above and beyond the call of duty. They can be thought about an extension of your team; working closely to develop a deeper understanding of what works for your brand as well as co-ordinating our internal valuable supplies, managing service levels,supervising performance and at all times your brand values.